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Get to Know Us

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Co Owner

Alex started his career in machining as a machinist at a local company.  Right out of high school he loved machining and decided to make it his career.  While working as a machinist, the opportunity arose to start his own small shop.  Along with Mason, they started AM Manufacturing in 2004.  In 2011, Alex decided to quit his "day job" and run AM Manufacturing full time.

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Co Owner

Mason started his career in machining right out of high school.  Mason worked as a machinist at a couple local shops before coming on board part time in 2004 at the inception of AM Manufacturing with Alex.  In 2011, Mason decided to work full time toward building AM Manufacturing into what it has become today.  Mason not only runs parts but is also our programmer and oversees QC.



Co Owner

Melissa came to AM Manufacturing in 2018 with 16 years experience running a machine shop.  Shortly after coming on board, we purchased the property where our new facility sits today.  She handles all of the day-to-day operations including scheduling, deliveries, sales, purchasing, HR, and PR, as well as a host of other duties.

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